Modern Children Academy Sr.Sec.School
Recognized and affiliated to RBSE

Affiliation no. 1221210
Admission Open For Session 2020-2021


Chairman's Desk

Mr. L.K. Jha

Mobile Number: 9460638946, 8005695115

The pursuit of academic excellence has been the defining pillar of Modern Children Academy's mission since its inception in 2000. With a focus on excellence in academics and experiential learning, we seek to develop in every child entrusted to us the desire and skills required to be a leader and an active global citizen. Modern Children Academy symbolizes the prioritization of ethics, values, culture and tradition as well as an awareness of global issues. Our students graduate not only as insightful learners, but also effective communicators, thoughtful spiritual beings and confident, independent and dynamic global citizens. The school provides a nurturing learning environment that instill in students a global mindset and international spirit. We encourage students to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to them and participate in any of the numerous activities we organize in the school: NCC, Sports,Community service, Art, Craft, music, Dance etc depending on their area of interest. Our mission is to empower students to think and act globally as they grow and develop into responsible and responsive citizens of an international society. We ensure that all learners feel valued and instill in them respect for cultural sensitivity and values and skills needed to live in a diverse world.


Director's Desk

Mrs. Anju Jha

Mobile Number: 9785824826, 6350004076

Schools nowadays are not just intended to achieve data and information just, rather they are stages for coordinated effort of musings and thoughts. At Modern Children Academy, we accept that the genuine quality in our study hall lies in joint effort of students, not in the information on one Expert. Aristotle once said that "Teaching the psyche without instructing the heart isn't training". Indeed, even as we confer the training to coordinate the progression in innovation and procedures, we manage our youngsters towards right standards, morals and good values.We offer our understudies a tranquil learning condition which empowers imagination and basic reasoning. Our one of a kind educating and learning process with an appropriate mix of hypothesis and practice crosses the limits of countries towards worldwide greatness.


Principal's Message

Mr. Kaluram

Mobile Number: 8239061183, 8209979460

From a modest beginning in 2000, we have excelled in every aspect of education, through effective management, teamwork & committed workforce. Modern Children academy with its object to achieve excellence focuses on three core areas: academic excellence, personal values, and social concerns. The academic flexibilities are complemented by a host of activities outside the classroom. Every student gets vast opportunities to participate in and contribute to a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We lay emphasis on well-rounded personality development of the students and also in imbibing the importance of teamwork and integrity in them. We strive to develop in each student desire to work with vigor and commitment for the betterment of mankind and train them for lifelong learning. Dear students, please make the best use of opportunities, set your goals high & work hard to achieve your goals. You are the leaders of tomorrow, be it profession, industry, art & culture or any other field. Your hard work of today will catapult you to serve society in a useful manner. I encourage teachers to adopt innovative methods whereby learning becomes an enjoying experience. I look forward to your — student, parent, alumni, & employee to make use of the resources and facilities in the school and give your suggestions for improvement.