Modern Children Academy Sr.Sec.School
Recognized and affiliated to RBSE

Affiliation no. 1221210
Admission Open For Session 2020-2021


The gifts of science can be felt in every walk of life. Science and its wonders appear to be unalloyed blessing. It impacts can be felt in all spheres of life and has produced such advanced technologies which have directly or indirectly contributed to enhancing the life of human beings. It is to hone their scientific skills and cognitive abilities that the school has excellent laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology, Biology, Geography and Maths; and it is here that students learn to bring out their first hand experiences in observation and handling of materials of science. The laboratories are well set with scientific equipments, instruments and supplies to deliver high quality of practical exposure to the students in the field of science.



The school has four computer labs with new and sophisticated systems equipped with advanced technologies in terms of hardware and software. All the four labs have highly configured computers with required software package like MS Office, VB, Oracle, HTML, Flash, Photoshop and C++.Each lab has 40 to 45 computers where every student gets to work on separate computers. The labs also have internet connection which helps students to prepare for their projects and presentations.



Physics Lab is equipped with the latest equipments and instruments that help students learn the concepts and perform science experiments in an innovative way. The lab is well stocked with adequate apparatuses and about 40 students can perform practical at a time.



The Chemistry Lab is provided with its own double distillation plant, centrifuge, and analytical balances for the students to use. The lab boasts of its safe environment with material safety data sheets available for all the chemicals.



The Biology Lab has an appropriate collection of specimens, informative and clear slides to be observed under well maintained microscopes. Various hands-on activities and project work related to the understanding of important biological concepts have been designed to engage students.



Geography Lab is an important aspect of teaching social-studies which provides various teaching aids such as maps, models, charts, posters, globe, meteorological instruments etc. This special room creates the congenial environment and stimulated learning. It provides a pleasant and functional environment which helps in making teaching creative, expressive and effective. It provides a base for real and permanent knowledge for students.